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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


We had a depleted team and needed to borrow two players to make up the numbers. There was a bit of experimentation that worked in the first half where the score was 2-2. Unfortunately the continued experimentation failed to work in the second half and we ended up losing 4-2 in a game I think we should have won. This week we had three Players of the Day;  Rory Brabant and Charlotte Sancto-Jones for their staunch defence and Isabella Ovenden for her passing and setting up goals on attack.

Mr Donovan


The Asteroids showed they are a team with passion in another very fast and physical game. The opposition had size over us again but the Asteroids didn't let this discourage them. They passed well and had plenty of opportunities under the basket. However, the ball just wouldn't drop in the basket for us. The final score was 8-1 with Ben Rist scoring with 4 seconds left on the clock. Player of the Day went to Jessica Rensen for her diligent defensive play. Great game, team!

Mrs Houseman


It was a DRAW, 3-3!  The game was so exciting that most of the side-line spectators were exhausted at full time as we certainly felt we were part of a phenomenal match up.  Stanmore Bay Spitfires got the game off to a flying start with a long range goal that impressed us all.  However our Comets gelled beautifully as a team and their slick passing, quick thinking and excellent defence kept them pushing their opposition for the entire game.  In the dying seconds of the match, Rory made an excellent save which stopped the Spitfires from scoring and we had a chance to go ahead on the scoreboard.  Unfortunately time was not on our side and we had to settle for a well-earned draw.  Teamwork, cohesive attack and backing each other up on defence ensured that the whole team received Players of the Day.  Congratulations to each of you – an impressive game at the end of a tough season.  Well done!

Mrs McLeish


It was a clash of the fierce beasts last week as the darting, deadly Hornets took on the might of the springing, sleek Silverdale Tigers. In a game full of twists and turns, both teams played to their strengths but it was the Tigers who emerged the victors, managing to swat the Hornets with their accuracy and shooting skills. Jared Davies was our Player of the Day for his energy and positive attack throughout the game.

Miss Sancto


Summer Soccer

Years 1&2 lost against WGP Australia (1-5) but had a marvellous win against RB Dragons (-0) Well done, Wentworth Wonders!
Years 3&4 had a storming afternoon’s play, winning both of their matches – 2:0 against RB Knights and 3-1 against SGHA. Player of the Day was Rory Brabant, who had two excellent games.
Years 5&6 had two tough games, losing their first against SGHA (0-3) and were just beaten by the whistle in their second game to finish 4-5 against Whanga Beacons. Player of the Day was super-sub Jared Davies.

Miss Sancto

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Summer Soccer Results
It is always good to hear from excited children, parents and managers just how well all our children are playing. More importantly, the sporting attitudes and enthusiasm of our students (even when matches go against us) is outstanding.
Years 1&2 Wentworth Wonders lost their game against Dairy Flat Captains but held Red Beach Mix to a 1-1 draw. Player of the Day was Ethan Jordan.
Years 3&4 Wentworth Wildcats lost both matches against Orewa Utd and RB Falcons but Jared did manage to get onto the score sheet! Player of the Day was Ananda Krageloh.
Years 5&6 Wentworth Warriors also lost their games against KW Hawks and SGHB, the latter being particularly close. Player of the Day was Mia Clark.
Miss Sancto


It was great to see the communication increase between the strikers; it was even better to see the passing between the strikers who were looking for space and then scoring the goals. The defenders did a solid job and at one stage we only had two defenders and a goal keeper who were still able to keep the opposition away from the net.
Players of the Day were Rory Brabant for his willingness to take shots at goal or look for passing opportunities. The other Player of the Day was Bridie Smith for her communication and goal scoring. Well done to both players.
Mr Donovan


Had we measured attempts at goal then I certainly think the Asteroids would have come out on top but, unfortunately, the ball was not finding the basket on Thursday.  The Asteroids pushed RB Astronauts hard all game, even though the final score did not reflect the Asteroids' efforts.  As a team everyone stepped up and worked hard to find a good position on attack but it was the Astronauts who interrupted the flow of the ball.  Defensive play was fierce with the Asteroids foiling many passes and hoops.  Well done to Kahn Heath, our Player of the Day, for his gallant efforts.  Kahn hurt his finger, dusted himself off and continued to play through the pain.  Congratulations Kahn for demonstrating a great commitment to your team mates.  See you all at training next week.
Mrs McLeish, Mrs Houseman


Well done Comets for stepping onto the court and giving it your all on Thursday.  This was not easy to do given the late night you all had the evening before at the Kids 4 Kids concert.  Each week we improve in some areas and find new skills to develop.  Our Player of the Day, Alexander Kawan, most certainly demonstrated an area of improvement we have been working on as a team.......well done Alexander for showing us your dribbling skills this week.  Keep it up; it was excellent to see!  At training next week we will continue to work on our dribbling and our positioning on attack.  See you there!
Mrs McLeish


The Hornets continued to soar last week with an excellent game against SB Warriors. This really is a top-notch squad with energy and enthusiasm to spare. The final result was 5-0 to the Hornets, with William and newcomer, Jared, both managing to get the ball through the hoop. The whole team was named Player of the Day for outstanding teamwork. Well done, Hornets!
Miss Sancto


We got outplayed - a combination of poor coaching selection, poor decision making and no communication between the players put us on the back-foot as soon as the game started. At the end of the beginning of the 2nd half we came back from a 2 point deficit to be equal, but then the game moved away from us. The final score was 6-2.
Players of the Day were Bridie Smith for her quick passing and assisting with setting up our goals, and also for her defensive work. The other Player of the Day was Maddie Rist for her communication and tireless work as a defender and attacker. Well done to you both.
Mr Donovan


Great defensive skills were shown by the Asteroids.  Unfortunately the basket wouldn’t sink for us.  However, rebounds in the first half kept us in the game.  Player of the Day went to Jessica Rensen for her defensive play and her never give up attitude.
Mrs McLeish, Mrs Houseman


Even though the Red Beach Astronauts managed to shoot from all over the court on Thursday, our Comets played a solid game demonstrating their across court improvement.  Lots of hustling with hands over the ball ensured that the Comets foiled many a shot.  Rosa's speedy retreat down court meant she was always available under the hoop.  Alex's excellent long range passes were both strong and accurate.  Rosie was dogged in defence, chasing her opposition all over the court.  Emily was determined on defence, getting right in the faces of the Astronauts.  Rory was solid on both attack and defence, always in the right place at the right time.  Corbus received some tricky passes and worked hard to try to dribble his way out of trouble.  Our Player of the Day award went to Jared Davies who wove his way up and down the court like a slalom skier.  Excellent work Jared.  See you at training on Wednesday.
Mrs McLeish


The Years 5/6 Hornets had a tough match on their hands last week as they took on SGH Templars. In fact, they played extremely well, not only preventing the Templars from reaching double figures but also managing to score against them! Although it was a loss of 8:1, it was, nevertheless, a good display of teamplay and strategy, forcing the Templars to work hard against our Hornets. Player of the Day was Emily (Shihan) Li.
Miss Sancto


Summer Soccer
Years 1&2 Wonders lost against WGP Little Rockets 1-3 but won against Red Beach Barons with an amazing score of 4-2! Well done to you all.  Player of the Day was Alexie Marston. Miss Sancto would like to forward her apologies for the incorrect score in the newsletter last week for the Years 1&2 Wonders.  The score was a whooping 6-0 WIN to the Wonders...well done !!
Years 3&4 Wildcats suffered two defeats last week against Stella Hotspur (1-2) and Whanga Jedis (1-4) despite some excellent play. Player of the Day was Jared Davies.
Years 5&6 Warriors lost against Orewa FC (3-0) but won against Orewa Girls (3-0). Bridie Smith was named Player of the Day for an outstanding afternoon as Goalkeeper, including some excellent saves againt Orewa FC.
Miss Sancto